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75 Minimalistic Textures

I’m sorry it took me so long to do this! But it’s done now! Surely that’s all that matters, right? Right?! Anyway, let me know what you think :)

EDIT: Dropbox link (New!)

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  1. Asteroid
  2. Facet
  3. Frontage
  4. SS Adec
  5. Geuse
  6. Cassannet
  7. Dearest
  8. Intro

I know some of you were interested in the fonts I used for my GoT posters so here they are! Enjoy :)

fontsmy resourcestypography
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Just a couple of icons I made from some of my edits and graphics. Please just don’t claim as your own. // Download

iconsmy resources
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  1. Telerysm
  2. Enfer
  3. Patronne
  4. Audimat
  5. Megalopolis
  6. Stigmate
  7. Alusine
  8. Geronto
fontsmy resources
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Anonymous asked:
sorry i mean the banner in the graphic ficciones lol

Okay, I am positive that there are many less retarded ways in which you can do this, but this is me we’re talking about. So…

I just used the rectangular marquee tool to make my initial shape and filled it with the bucket tool. Then using the Eliptical marquee tool I made a very elongated oval and deleted the bottom part.

And now I moved my selection upwards and inversed it (Shift + Alt + I or Select > Inverse) And started to delete the top part.. And here’s where my stupid shines through..

I don’t even know what I did there, I just selected the shape I wanted using the Polygonal Lasso and filled it with a darker color than the one I used on the first shape to give it some dimension.

Then I flipped it and put it on the other side and that’s pretty much it… Now, you can do all that or you can simply download the .PSD of the one I just made here.

*You can change the colors by using the Color Overlay thingie in each of the separate layers.

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  1. Lobster
  2. Genz
  3. Lavandería
  4. Carton
  5. Ginebra Bolds
  6. Nautica
  7. Pappo’s Blues Band
  8. JUstice
fontsmy resources
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  1. Grand Quatre
  2. Highlands
  3. Poumpadour (Numeral)
  4. Blanch
  5. Puncture
  6. Bemio
  7. Rex / Rex Inline
  8. Vhia

You can thank my lack of internet access for this tutorial, and the fact that I decided to save a .PSD for once…

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So, I went a little crazy after making my first textures looking for new material… So here it is, my second pack! I included some text this time.. Enjoy :)

Download .ZIP // Download .RAR

EDIT: Dropbox Link (New!)

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Finally did it! My own texture pack of many more to come, I hope (please be gentle)… Somewhat inspired in basic geometric shapes and all that jazz. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Dropbox Link (new!)

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  1. Ribbon
  2. Absinthe
  3. Haymaker
  4. Ranger
  5. Franchise
  6. Dalle
  7. Arvil
  8. Lorena
fontsresourcesmy resources


  1. Metalista
  2. Lloyd
  3. ALT Ayame
  4. Mexcellent
  5. Giglio Rosso
  6. Portal Black
  7. Broken Records
  8. Vampirr

Note: All of the fonts I post are free, but in order to download 1 through 5 you’re going to have to register at new.myfonts.com.

    fontsresourcesmy resources
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    1. Vastagurly Display
    2. Weston
    3. Dekar
    4. Legion Slab
    5. Vevey
    6. Claire Hand
    7. Quaver
    8. Justus
    fontsresourcesmy resources
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    Download | Please like if taking :)

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    DOWNLOAD | Like if taking :)

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