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Carolina, 20, (ENTP), Colombian. Likes to dick around with Photoshop from time to time; hates conflict and tumblr. Her english is poor like child. Twitter // Instagram: @macafz //

"A survivable blog A+ would refresh" - Agent War

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Game of Thrones House Beast and Words Game

  • Pick an animal that starts with the last letter in your last name.  Then go here and the first quote (or first part of the quote) are your words.


“Most turkeys taste better the day after”

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1. What was the last movie you watched on theaters?
2. What was the first movie you ever remember watching on theaters?
3. Top 5 movies
4. Top 5 directors
5. A favorite adapted movie
6. Your best experience on going to the movies
7. A guilty pleasure
8. An overrated movie
9. An underrated movie
10. A movie that not many have heard that you’ve seen
11. A movie you watched mainly for an actor
12. Top 5 actors
13. Top 5 actresses
14. VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray?
15. Favorite Disney movie (not PIXAR!)
16. A tearjerker
17. A movie that you know its bad but you can’t help but love it
18. Favorite Movie Soundtrack
19. Favorite quote from a movie
20. A movie that was better than the book
21. First adult film you watched (thematically speaking not R-rated)
22. A kids movie you always watch
23. Favorite Science Fiction movie
24. Favorite Comedy
25. Favorite Fantasy
26. Favorite Love Story
27. A movie you hate
28. Favorite animated movie
29. A movie from your favorite director you didn’t liked
30. Favorite comic book movie
31. 3 movies you’re expecting excitedly!
32. A book you read for a movie
33. Favorite Musical
34. Favorite fictional character
35. A movie you wished they never made
36. Favorite remake

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why am i not getting marry, fuck, cuddles?

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”I’m an ordinary, kind, peaceful person.“

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9 Favorite photos → Ian Somerhalder
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